Lucky, lucky, lucky you… We’ve heard your calls, we’ve secured your deposits and we are gearing up for a trip from Tuesday June 26th to Friday June 29th. Toys; ordered. Hotels; reserved. Tickets; purchased. I have managed to convince the incomparable Sonya Smothers to come with me on this trip because what is better than […]


Apr 2018


Welcome to my Scatchat page. All the videos on this page are exclusively of me going to the bathroom; at whatever home, hotel, restaurant, mall or office I happen to be at; no scenario, just a beautiful woman and her bowel habits. Welcome to my white throne room! Members; you already have your password. Just […]

In November 2017, I concluded the USA as my adopted home needed to be something of the past – 5 months later; SESTA|FOSTA is law, Backpage is seized with the owner going to prison on facilitating prostitution charges (no mention of sex trafficking in his charges), Craigslist deleted their adult sections, several other sites no […]