1- Do you consent to having your personal and private information collected for verification and contractual purposes? 2- Do you agree that you are acting of your own free will and are not being forced or coerced into filling out this application? 3- Have you ever been found by a court to be legally incompetent? 4- Do you understand that you are applying for a merciless lifetime contract with Mistress Mystique, which will involve her controlling decisions regarding your income, free times, dating life, family life and assets, and do you agree to surrender such control to Mistress Mystique ?
1- Full Name. 2- Relationship status. 3- Email address(es). 4- Social media. 5- Full Address (if different from yours). 6- Home phone number. 7- Cell phone number. 8- Employe’s name. 9- Address. 10- Phone number. 11- Direct supervisors name/phone number/email.
1-Full Name. 2- Sex. 3- Relationship. 4- Email address(es). 5- Social media. 6 -Full Address. 7- Home phone number. 8- Cell phone number.
1- Company name. 2- Address. 3- Phone number. 4- Direct supervisors name/phone number/email.
Explain in detail three of your deepest and darkest secrets that you would do anything for the above named people and your employer to never know. Provide a secret on each person on the list. You MUST provide Mistress Mystique with any videos, pictures, or other evidence as proof of the above secrets (if available). Send a picture of yourself to Mistress Mystique wearing your chastity device once it arrives while holding a sign that says “As you wish, Mistress Mystique” and the date your chastity begins.
If you have not, I will not answer your message.