I take pleasure in more intense sessions involving power exchange, sadism and heavy verbal/physical humiliation, but I do have a wide range of interests and enjoy many aspects of BDSM.

I also immensely enjoy multiple dommes sessions, cuckold and forced bi.


**If it’s on the list, I enjoy it. This list reflects toys I have in my collection and those I am open to playing with. I included definitions of some terms to give you better insight.

If you know your fetishes at this point, you may contact me to book.

ABDLAdult Baby Diapers Lover – An ABDL is a person who likes being an Adult Baby and who is a Diaper Lover. An Adult Baby(AB) is a person who likes or wants to be treated as a baby. Being dressed as a baby, maybe being disciplined and/or cared for. The Diaper Lover is a person who likes wearing diapers. Some just like to wear them, others use them for their intended purpose, and some find them sexually stimulating.
AbrasionTo wear down the skin by using friction. Materials and toys such as sandpaper, steel wool, rough cloth, and bottle brushes are often used. This increases sensitivity while giving both pleasure and pain.
Adult BabiesAge play wherein the submissive is the baby. This may include diapering, powdering, wearing a pacifier, sleeping in a crib, etc. Rarely taken to a 24/7 extreme.
Age Play – play that involves assuming the role of someone of a different age. Most commonly, one of the adults takes on the younger role, usually in the submissive capacity.
AltocalciphiliaHigh heel fetish
Ankle RestraintAny device that immobilize a submissive’s legs.

Animal TrainingTraining where the Dominant has her submissive play the part of an animal, such as horses and dogs. The most common is “puppy play” and “pony play”

B&D, B/D, B/d Bondage and Discipline. Although they go together in this phrase, they are not inextricably linked. Bondage means restraining someone in a helpless position (Such as being tied up.) Discipline is training a person to behave in a certain way. They tend to go together because Dominants tend to do both to their submissive.
BDSMBondage, Domination/Discipline Submission/Sadism & Masochism.
Ball Gag A device with a rubber ball and straps, which secures the ball in the bottom’s mouth to stifle screams.
Ball Stretching – The practice of stretching the scrotal sack so that it hangs lower using weights or other devices to pull on it above the testicles. As the sack is pulled, the testicles are squeezed leading to discomfort and sometime pain.
Ball TortureCausing pain to the male testicles, also included in CBT or cock and ball torture, stretching, piercing, etc.
BalletBootsExtremely high heeled boots that require you to stand on the ends of your toes rather than the sole of your foot. Usually they have heels that are 8-9 inches and require considerable training and ability to walk in without assistance. Sometime also referred to as bondage boots.

BastinadoFoot torture involving the soles of the feet.

Beating – General term for such BDSM activities such as flogging caning, spanking, strapping, etc.
BelonephiliaSexual arousal from use of needles
BeltA leather strap used for striking the buttocks.
BlindfoldBy blocking out sight – a common technique in SM scene – the bottom feels more vulnerable and increases the release of endorphins, thus contributing to the excitement in the scene.
Blood sportsA group of techniques in which the submissive’s skin is broken and blood is allowed to escape. Such as cutting, using needles, etc. See also “Edgeplay.”
Body ModificationMaking alterations to the appearance of the body. Includes, but is not limited to, tattoos, piercings, brandings, scarification.
BondageMaking a submissive physically helpless and to a great extent immobilized. Techniques include rope ties, handcuffs, leather cuffs, stocks and mummification.
BootlickingLicking and cleaning of a Dominant’s boots by a submissive is a common show of submission. Can also be a fetish.
BrandingMaking a permanent or semi-permanent scar on the skin by burning it with a heated metal object. Usually used by a Mistress to “mark” her slave as her property.

Breath Control another type of “edgeplay” whereby the submissive’s breath is stopped for a short period of time to increase pleasurable sensations. Also called asphyxiaphilia, autoerotic asphyxiation, breath games, breathplay and hypoxyphilia. Very Dangerous.

BukakeSexual scene where many men masturbate on and give a “semen bath” to a willing submissive
Bullwhip A long, heavy leather whip usually longer than 4 feet.
Butterfly BoardA wood board where a male’s scrotum can be nailed or pinned onto.
Buttpluga “sextoy” shaped to fit into and stay inside the rectum.
Buttplug HarnessUsually a leather harness that prevents a buttplug from being removed either intentional or accidentally from the rectum.


CageA bondage practice, wherein the submissive is kept inside a cage. They can be so small as to restrict motion or large enough for two or more people.

CatheterFlexible tube used in medicine; in BDSM catheters designed for the bladder, often utilized in ‘control’ scenes.
CBTCock and Ball Torture – Causing pain to the male genital area; usually in controlled, consensual BDSM scenes.
Chezolagniamasturbating while defecating
ClampGeneric term for any BDSM toy (even if garnered at a hardware store) that can clamp some body part of a submissive.
ClingfilmGeneric term for plastic wrap which is used in mummification scenes. Also refer to as saran wrap.
Clothespins – wooden or plastic clothespins, typically used to produce pain sensation on the skin. Usually on nipples and genital areas.
Cock Cage a CBT device that encase a penis shaft inside it. Can be either a solid or web design.
Cock Cuffa chastity device that consists of a tube welded to a handcuff, usually both made of stainless stelel. The penis is slide into the tube and the handcuff closes behind the ball sack making removal all but impossible without unlocking the handcuff. A very effective chastity device.
Cock Ring Rubber or metal ring that slips round base of cock and balls; supposed to increase duration of erection but also has D/s aspects to it.
Cock Torture Cock and ball torture without the ball torture. Giving pain only to the penis shaft.
Collar and Leash Worn by the bottom during this type of BDSM play. The Dominant holds the leash and the bottom must follow and obey.
CoprolagniaSexual excitement derived from eating feces
CoprolaliaSexual excitement from dirty words

CoprophiliaGaining sexual pleasure from scat play.

Corporal PunishmentRetributive punishment, discipline, using repetitive spankings and question and reply to change a bottom’s behavior.
CorsetVery popular clothing item that cinches and narrows the waist and gives the wearer an “hourglass” figure.
Cross DressingDressing in clothing worn by the opposite sex. Does not indicate sexually preference in any way.
CrucifixionBDSM play wherein a submissive is tied to a cross.

Cuckolding – Cuckold fetish Taking part or assisting the Cuckoldress in the presence of her Bull or another slave, the session usually implies a voyeur experience or taking part/assisting during the session mixed with verbal/physical humiliation of the slave, in other cases, forced-bi may be included. Forced bisexuality – Cross dressing – Sissy training – CFNM

Cupping The placing of suction devices on the skin to increase blood flow. Typically these are used on the nipples and the genitalia. Increasing the blood flow increase sensation as well.

D/sPopular abbreviation for Dominance and submission. A relationship between a Top and bottom where one is Dominant and the other submissive. Can be for a scene or can be a long-term relationship or anything in between. (Also called Domme-sub, DS, D/S, D&S.)
DacryphiliaSexual arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of one’s partner. Something sadists sometimes find enjoyable or arousing.
DaddyA role taken on by some dominants, gender irrelevant; especially common in age play.
Depilation – Removal of hair. Many Dominants require their submissive to shave certain areas, their whole body or just their pubic hair.
DildoA manufactured penis-shaped object. 
DisciplineWhipping, spanking, verbal orders, etc for the purpose of training a submissive.
Dominatrix – A Domme; it implies being a professional. Dom or Domme for short.
Duct Tape Also known as gaffer’s tape; used in many BDSM scenes (such as taping the submissive’s mouth shut).
Dungeon – Term for a BDSM or Bondage playroom.

EdgeplayTechnically, this refers to knife play. But it has come to mean anything “on the edge.” Or considered “Extreme” It can even include fisting, asphyxia, play piercings, needle play, etc. One person’s edge can be another’s norm so there are no hard and fast rules defining what “edgeplay” is.

Electrical PlayUsing electricity for stimulation. Professionally made electrical units are to be used – like the “tens” unit and the “violet wand.” Not for beginners.

EmasculationPermanent removal of the male sex organs. Sometimes simulated through the use of a chastity device or through a dominants restrictions forbidding typical male behavior such a urinating while standing.
EndorphinA chemical produced in the body that seems to be involved in regulating the perception of pain. Endorphins give a “rush” similar to adrenaline (which is released simultaneously) and it is speculated that their release is the cause of the phenomenon known as “subspace.”
Enema A thorough anal douche using a bag and tube. Can be use as a BDSM device in playInjecting liquid, usually water, into the asshole, usually for hygiene purposes prior to anal training.

Felching Imbibing semen out of the vagina or anus
FetishismAn unusual obsession with something. Like a leather fetish, a latex fetish or a shoe fetish. Fetishes are only limited by the human imagination.
Fetish AttireClothes that reflect the wearer’s particular fetish, such as leather, latex, rubber or high heels.
Financial Dominationthe act of one person, usually a man, often a man with submissive tendencies, who enjoys giving money to, usually a woman. The man gets any number of results from doing Financial Domination. He may feel satisfied, he may feel sexually aroused or he may emotionally enjoy giving money or gifts to a woman, usually a Dominant woman. He may enjoy the sheer act of giving his money away as a form of power exchange. This may be done with random women, Financial Dommes or women he offers to buy things for.
It is a fetish much like any other fetish, but it involves the exchange of money or gifts.
Fire PlayThe use of fire in sexual play.
Fisting also called fist fucking and FF. Attempting to place the whole hand into the rectum or vagina. Must be done with great care and sterility. Can provide exceptional orgasms.

Foot WorshipA foot fetish where the submissive worships the Dominants feet, usually in high heel shoes or boots.

Forced LactationContinual stimulation and sucking of the nipple can sometimes produce milk. Also known as forced breast milking.

GalateismSexual attraction to statues

Golden ShowersUrination play. Also called (duh) “piss play.” , champagne, golden And GS.

HarpaxophiliaArousal from being robbed
HennaA brown dye made from the leaves of the henna plant. Used in temporary tattoos and branding.
Hobble SkirtVery narrow skirt that restricts the wearer’s ability to take anything other than tiny steps.
HomilophiliaSexual arousal from hearing sermons
HoodA head covering, usually made of leather, that the Dominant wears to increase the “fear factor” in a BDSM scene or a submissive is made to wear to provide some degree of sensory deprivation.
Horse In bondage, it is a modification of a sawhorse over which a submissive can be tied. Sometimes called a spanking bench.

IantronudiaSexual arousal from exposing oneself to a medical doctor

ImmobilizationExtreme form of bondage where no body parts can move, one example is mummification.

InfantilismFetish for some that involves role-playing a regression to an infant-like state.

KleptolagniaSexual arousal from stealing
KnismolagniaSexual arousal from tickling

Latex Play – Play which uses paint on latex or latex clothing.
LimitThe point beyond which a submissive does not allow the Dominant to go using the Safe word. It can be a “soft limit” which can change over time, or a “hard limit” which is more or less written in stone. For example, a submissive might say, “fisting is my hard limit.” Or soft!

M/s Mistress/slave. (Also, less popularly, MS, M&S or M-s)
MacrogenitalismSexual arousal from outsized genitals. My clit probably bigger than your dick.
MaieusiophiliaSexual arousal from pregnant women. I am not currently pregnant but open to using props and such.
Masochist One who gets pleasure from pain.
Mistress – Dominant, controlling partner in a D/s relationship, where the submissive partner is known as the slave.

Medical SceneBDSM scene involving medical scenarios.

MenophilistSexual arousal from women on their period
MommyAnalogue of Daddy in BDSM play. Sometimes submissives call their Mistress “Mommy” as part of a Role-play session.

NailingBDSM play where the scrotum or breasts are nailed to a board.
Nasogastric tubeUsed in control scenes such as forced feeding.
NasolingusSexual arousal from nose sucking

Needle Play another “edgeplay” where sterilized needles are inserted through the top layer of the skin (the epidermis). Most popularly it is done underneath and around the nipple and the breast. Not for beginners.

Negotiationdiscussing hard and soft limits and related items of BDSM taste before any play or relationship begins. It helps in defining Safe, Sane and Consensual between the dominant and submissive.
NewbieSomeone new to something such the BDSM play or lifestyle, also known as novice.
Nipple Torture – To cause pain to the nipples. Typically by using nipple clamps, weights, nails,needles, mousetraps, pulling and twisting, etc.

Odaxelangnia – Sexual arousal from biting
OdontophiliaA tooth fetish
OsphresiolagniaSexual arousal from foul smells, body odor

Pain GamesBDSM play involving pain. Pain causes the release of endorphins that is thought causes the submissive to go into subspace.
Pain Slut Popular expression for a submissive who loves pain. Also a masochist
Pansexuality – BDSM activities encompassing all sexualities, heterosexual, homosexual, trangender, etc.  I am pansexual.
Parachute Ball StretcherA toy resembling a parachute from which weights can be suspended in ball torture scenes.
Power ExchangeThe dynamic whereby the Dominant is consensually given power over the submissive, whether for just the scene or for a relationship. Sometimes called Total Power Exchange or TPE.

RackBondage furniture patterned after the infamous torture device of the Inquisition. The bottom is put on it and “stretched” – but not in the extreme fatal way.
Real Life or Real Timer/l or r/t – as opposed to virtual or cyber life.
Red – Most common safe word meaning stop.
RimmingTongue contact with the rectum or asshole.
Ring GagA device that keeps the submissive’s mouth wide open. Also called a “piss gag”
Role Play Games (RPG)Taking fantasy roles in BDSM scenes. For example, nurse or doctor/patient, etc.

S&MSadism and masochism. One who enjoy administering pain and one who enjoys receiving pain.

SadistAn individual who enjoys causing pain. The term dates back to the Marquis de Sade. I am a sadist.

Safe, Sane and ConsensualA popular slogan in the BDSM world meaning that play should always be safe, with good judgment exercised. And, most importantly, it MUST be consensual.
Safe WordA word or phrase a submissive can use to stop his or her scene. It is absolute. If a Dominant disregards a submissive’s safe word, that Dominant is considered “unsafe.” The most common safe word is “RED!” Some also use a caution word such as “Yellow” to signify that the dominant is approaching a limit. 
Saint Andrew’s CrossA popular piece of BDSM furniture where a submissive can be conveniently tied or cuffed to it and rendered immobile. It looks like a big cross!
Shoe FetishOne who enjoys shoes such as high heels, etc. Popular fetish, even in the vanilla world. 
SlaveA term used interchangeably with “submissive.” I consider a slave a more extreme version of a submissive.

Slave Contract – A signed consensual contract, wherein a submissive or slave cedes to the Mistress a specified set of powers over him for a set period of time. Although legally unenforceable, it is still a powerful document between dominant and slave. I love writing those and enforcing them.

SoundMedical device to be inserted into the urethra in medical play. Also called “urethral sounds.”
Spanking To slap on the buttocks with the open hand, or a short flat object such as a paddle or a hairbrush. Used as both punishment and/or in role-play context in BDSM scenes. Can be done as OTK, meaning over the knees spanking. Also part of discipline.
SpeculumMedical device intended for opening and examining the rectum; used mostly in “doctor/medical scene” play.
Spreader BarA long metal rod that holds the submissive legs, thighs or even wrists wide apart.
StigmatophiliaSexual attraction to those with body modifications or tattoos. I have several tattoos on my arms, lower back, between my boobs and my thighs. I intend to add more along with some piercings.
StraightjacketConfining device used mostly in psychiatric wards to restrain the insane. It is intended to prevent the movement of the arms and is usually impossible to remove without assistance.

StraponA belt or harness that has a dildo attached. It allows the wearer the ability to fuck another either in the vagina or anus.

SubmissionThe act of submitting to the will and desire of another, usually within negotiated limits. The individual who consents to give up power to a Dominant, this can be for any duration – for an hour or a lifetime, is called a submissive. Sub for short.
SubspaceA state of mind and body – often like a trance – caused by endorphins emitted during a BDSM scene.

24/7A 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At all times. These are in regards to slavery and such contracts. 

Urethral SoundMedical device to be inserted into the urethra in medical play. I definitely enjoy stretching cocks.

Vacuum Pumping – Using the suction of a vacuum to increase the size of body parts.
VampirismSexual arousal caused by drinking blood

Violet WandAn electric device usually in form of a glass cylinder, which uses the effect of high frequency electric charges to apply intense stimulation. TENS Unit, the acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation unit. Used for sexual stimulation is electrical play scenes. I have a great kit from DR Clockwork.


Water Sports – The sexual enjoyment of urine play. Also called Golden Showers, GS and WS.
Wattenburg WheelA medical pinwheel that is commonly used in BDSM play to stimulate or cause a feeling sensation.
Wax PlayPlay in which the Dominant brings hot wax on the submissive’s skin. Candles can be a source of hot wax, which is dripped onto the bottom’s body in BDSM play.
WebA bondage device, popular in many dungeons, created with ropes that are spun like a spider’s web.
Whipping PostIn olden times, a post to which offenders were fastened for whippings. Reproductions are sometimes used in BDSM dungeons.

Wrestling – the sport or activity of grappling with an opponent and trying to throw or hold them down on the ground, typically according to a code of rules. In this case, my rules. I loves scissor holds, buttdrops (I have 50inches butt) and fantasy wrestling, grappling, submission holds, smothering by breast/ass/armpit, tickling, chokeholds, scissor holds, size comparison, body worship, feet submission etc.

ZelophiliaSexual arousal from jealousy