Long Term Ownership

Do you crave to belong? Belong as you never had before? Not for one or two hours but, on a long term basis?

Some men are content to give in to their urges every now and then but, the true slave hungers for a deeper connection. A soul deep need of serving the one and only owner of their dreams; Me. For real devotees craving the connection of a permanent collar, I offer the Long Term Ownership packages.

I no longer offer hourly sessions. For my dominance to be satiated, I can only accept those who understand and continue to serve after the hours in my presence have wrapped up. My packages are not base on which kinks I will be partaking in with you. It is about how often you crave to be at my feet. For those with a busy life and a lower income to those with a busy life and a higher income; you will find your place at my feet.

We will discuss my expectations and your need to establish a tier of rendez-vous to meet and surpass any previous ones. This is in the spirit of Female Led Relationships. The rules are but one; I am always in charge.

With the appropriate package, you will be responsible for hosting; be it at a hotel, AirBnB or your humble abode. If your hosting is being done outside of Montreal, you must provide transportation. I do enjoy dungeon play and will provide 4 dungeon hours in Montreal for each package.

Packages start at 1k/monthly. Contact me directly to start negotiations.